Spectrum Liberalisation

The successful release to market, of radio frequency spectrum is financially important to both to the Government as a part of its wider initiative of releasing Public Sector spectrum for commercial re-use and the wider UK economy.

A Better Way

Espirito was formed specifically to undertake the identification, preparation and release to market of surplus spectrum assets for both public and private sector clients.

The publication of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport paper in April of this year which set out the Government’s intentions for releasing spectrum managed by the Public Sector over the next decade.

Espirito will make no charge on the public purse.

To enable us to offer this innovative approach, we have secured financial backing from a selection of investors who will support the spectrum liberalisation and go to market strategy until it is self sustaining.

Our strong financial backing ensures that Espirito has the necessary financial resources to provide a Smart Go-Co business model to the Public Sector encompassing all aspects of the release to market and sale of spectrum.


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